Monday, July 3, 2017


Besides being a publisher I’m still a licensed physician who—decades ago—had a practice in psychiatry. And it’s occurred to me that nobody has raised the possibility that our 71-year-old president is showing symptoms of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. But if you go online, you will see that Donald Trump is increasingly displaying every symptom of this disease.
Up until now many people have witnessed Trump’s sensitivity to criticism, outbursts of anger, dissimulation and illogical changes of policy both domestically and internationally. In the past he’s shown these traits which have turned many Americans against him, but at this point it seems more likely we’ve missed the boat here, and that his growing intemperance is likely a result of an incurable and rapidly advancing illness.

For instance, people who suffer from dementia display “sundowners syndrome”—where their symptoms increase during the night, which is when Donald Trump sends out his most incendiary messages. Other common symptoms of someone suffering from Alzheimer’s is agitation, usually resulting from fear, confusion, fatigue, and feeling overwhelmed from trying to make sense of a world that no longer makes sense. Spelling and word choice errors are likely to be affected and continuously increase in Trump’s tweets. Unprovoked mood swings are still another sign of dementia—going from calm to rage for no apparent reason.

If so we, as a nation, are at even greater risk if our president is suffering from this incurable disease. I would hope that there is a Praetorian guard surrounding the President, far less delusional, who might prevent Trump from pressing the nuclear button. But who is to say?

I know that Donald Trump will never release his tax returns. But will he or his more rational staff allow the President to be examined by reputable physicians whose specialty is dementia? One thing is certain: it will require many individuals and organizations to demand such an examination be done.

My hope is that you will not only comment on this blog but pass it on to others as well—including your elected lawmakers be they Republicans or Democrats, and to media sources including radio, magazines, and newspapers large and small alike. And please comment on this Cockeyed Pessimist blog, tell us what you are doing, and send out your own blogs as well.

Urgency is called for on this one.